Free Thinking Course

Free Thinking Course

This 11-video online course is designed to invoke the skills that can aide one in becoming an independent, self-guided learner throughout life. Suitable for ages 12 and up, depending on the aptitude of the learner. This course has no quizzes, no homework assignments, and no set guidelines on how to proceed throughout the video series. The only guideposts are the 3 principles of mutual respect, non-violence and open-minded skepticism. Enjoy!

Free Thinking Course
  • Free Thinking Online Course Introduction Video

    This introduction is an overview of what will be covered throughout the video course. It is entirely up to you how you wish to proceed, how you will take in the information, and how you will make use of it. Learn how you learn. Make it work for you. Be adaptive and creative. And above all, have f...

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 1 Questions

    How curious are you? How courageous are you? Can you be brave enough to explore any idea without needing to grasp onto anything?

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 2 Facts vs. Theories

    Begin learning how to discern between the bits of information you receive and analyze.

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 3 Knowledge and Wisdom

    Define for yourself what is it "to know". Challenge your preconceptions. Learn what it means "to know" and how to employ knowledge.

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 4 Practice Focusing, Tuning and Centering

    How do you receive data? Move away from the purely intellectual. Learn how you can shift and direct your focus, how you tune into different modes of perception, and find your center, your inner compass and observer.

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 5 You As An Instrument

    Explore YOU. What are "YOU"? How does this YOU you experience function? Can you bring this YOU into a harmonized symphony? Are YOU static or dynamic? How can you come to know yourself to help you learn anything?

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 6 Multidimensional Intelligence

    Human beings are multidimensional. From the physical to the intellectual to the emotional and more, each experience we are involved in exists on multiple levels. The information we receive, transform and transmit exists on different levels. Can you tune into the different levels? What do you perc...

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 7 Adapting to Change

    Intelligence is said to be the ability to adapt to change. How can you become adaptive? How can you learn how to flow and exist in almost any situation? What skills can you find and nurture within yourself? Learn to release the sense of dependency on anything outside of yourself. Is it possible? ...

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 8 Practice Research & Discernment

    Take the previous skills you have tuned into and are nurturing to practice researching and discernment. How do you research? What standards do you hold? How thoroughly do you investigate? How do you sort through the received information? How well do you challenge theories? And, finally, how do yo...

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 9 Disagreement with Dignity & Grace

    When it comes to communicating ideas, we can get stuck in our own perceptions and forgo being present in the moment to all that is occurring between two interacting individuals. Why do we communicate? And what does it mean to agree or disagree? How can we open up the choices for ourselves in any ...

  • Free Thinking Online Course Part 10 Review & Reflect

    Congratulations! You have come to the end of the Free Thinking Course. Now, it is up to you how you wish to proceed.